My academic work sits at the intersection of several different subfields: gender and intersectional identity in politics (with a focus on American elections), political psychology and behavior (with a focus on voter information-gathering and decision-making), and survey and experimental design. In turn, these fields draw on work on the sociology of gender, social psychology, and behavioral economics, respectively. Working at the intersection of multiple fields can make literature reviews taxing, but I like to think it makes for interesting questions, too.

What really excites me about this work is that there are still a lot of big questions to address about whether, when, and how gender matters in politics. While most folks know that the number of women in office in the US has remained low (and declined in some states), the number of women in office is only one measure of how gender might matter to voters. The kind of women we elect is another. Exploring how we "see" gender as relevant to politics, how gender intersects with other identities like class, race, and sexual orientation, and the effects of our unconscious psychological processes on both election results and women's willingness to run for office is the subject of my research agenda. 


Peer-Reviewed Publications

Good Reasons to Run: Women and Political Candidacy. Edited with Shauna Shames, Dawn Teele, and Mirya Holman. Temple University Press, 2020.

“Who Runs? A Case Study of Emerge America’s Alumnae.” With Shauna Shames, Rachel Silbermann, and Dawn Teele. In Good Reasons to Run, Temple University Press, 2020.

“Beyond Ambition.” Edited with Mirya Holman, Shauna Shames, and Dawn Teele. Dialogue in Politics, Groups, and Identities, 2019.

“The More You Know: Voter Heuristics and the Information Search.” With Sean Freeder. Political Behavior, 2018.

“IGS Survey Finds Support for Extending Taxes on Wealthy, Legalizing Marijuana, and Toughening Gun Control.” With Jack Citrin, Gabriel Lenz, and Ethan Rarick. California Journal of Politics and Policy, 2016.

“Design of Lightweight Robots for Over-Snow Mobility.” With James Lever and Sally Shoop. Journal of Terramechanics, 2009.

Working Papers

—Note all working papers are subject to change, and links may not be updated while papers are under review—

“To Emerge? Breadwinner Status and Women’s Decisions to Run for Office.” With Shauna Shames and Dawn Teele. Under review.

“Wearing the Pants? Gendered Leadership Styles and Candidate Evaluations.” Under review.

“Does Gender Stereotyping Affect Women at the Ballot Box? New Evidence from Local Elections in California.” With Sarah Anzia. Under review.

“The Silenced Text: Gender and the Experience of Political Participation.” With Alan Yan. Paper embargoed.

“Tinder Decides: Mate Desirability Influences Votes.” Currently revising.

“A Change of Face.” With Jens Hainmueller, Dominik Hangartner, Gabriel Lenz, and Teppei Yamamoto. Currently revising.

“Gendering Political Campaigns.” Paper in progress.

“High Standards? Candidate Height Drives Vote Choice.” Paper in progress.

“The Leaky Pipeline: The Political Economy of Ambition.” With Mirya Holman, Annabelle Hutchinson, Frances Rosenbluth, and Cecilia Crewes. Paper in progress.

“Wealth and Gender in Congressional Politics.” With Andrew Eggers and Marko Klašnja. Paper in progress.

  • Winner of the 2018 Carrie Chapman Catt Prize and the 2019 Elsie Hillman Prize